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New illustration: UPR & Vogue

IMG_3073 IMG_3079

March has been good to me. I’ve been working on such fun illustration jobs. I recently was asked to ┬ámake an illustration for UPR. The client ordered an exclusive illustration made by me to gift to the editors of the Dutch VOGUE. The magazine celebrated their first anniversary yesterday so I had to make sure my illustration would be done in time. I was inspired for this illustration by a vintage picture of a Vogue editorial where the model is wearing the classic Missoni print (don’t know if it was actually the brand she’s wearing) in black and white. I incorporated this in the cake. The red dress stands for something being iconic (like Vogue Magazine!) and I just thought the candle would be a cute touch because it’s their first anniversary. Check out some pictures of the making of and the final result!!! Read more

Snap shots – caught in action


Every year Unlimited PR organizes a bloggers day, it’s always a lot of fun. Just found these snapshots from last year. It’s almost that time a year again now (time goes fast!). I was photographed while I was sketching in my book, waiting for the MAC cosmetics Read more