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Book illustration is my most recent work. Actually they are booklets made out of beautiful brown paper. Remember the valentine sessions in collaboration with Moët & Chandon I told you about? Well these booklets are the personal stories of each couple I’ve met that evening. I translated it into fairy tails including personal details in the illustrations.

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Just finished this valentine illustration.


Romance is a lifestyle. It’s an old novel,  a pretty dress, little flowers or cute curls. It’s all part of the mis en scène that makes me smile. Romance doesn’t always involve a romantic relationship. It can be a feeling you get while hearing a song or watching a pretty picture. When I think about romance I think about softness and embracing your vulnerability. Of course if you happen to be in love, these sides of you will show more Read more


mimi nizan outfit

I’m wearing an easy outfit for a day with a busy schedule. Love these pants from Topshop, it’s black with a velvet print. Got it a while back. The Ecco shoes are very comfy and I’ve accessorized with the cutes ASOS cat bag. The bracelet is simple and elegant, my cousin gave it to me for christmas. It’s from Maty (French jewelry). Ready to hop on my  Read more




This week I had two birthdays. To make the birthday cards that came with my gifts more personal I created them myself. I used some heavy paper with texture and watercolor paint for the illustrations. This is the first time I’m making birthday cards. It was so much fun to make and the birthday girls were Read more


hotel krasnapolsky Mimi Aliziahotel krasnapolsky royal teahotel krasnapolsky girls

On octobre 21 it was my birthday. This month I had to much going on, working on projects and illustrations so I decided I would not throw a party this year. I just went to the spa the entire day to relax (just what I needed). My sister Alizia (such a sweetheart) wanted me to still have some kind of little celebration. So, she surprised me a couple of days ago with a royal tea brunch at the hotel Krasnapolsky in Amsterdam. The only thing she told me was to dress with the theme modern renaissance in mind. I was picked up at Read more


urban outfitters amsterdam - Mimi Nizan & Negin Mirsalehi urban outfitters amsterdamurban outfitters amsterdam

Urban Outfitters Amsterdam has arrived! Together with my friend Negin I went to visit the flagship store a couple of hours before the official opening. So, we had practically the entire shop to ourselves. It was a great opportunity to have a good look at the interior (which is awesome btw) and the clothes (there is just to much to see). Negin spotted the cutest little pink lunchbox and got it for me as well as for herself. She’s the sweetest! I also tried on this dark blue coat, couldn’t decide if I should get it. What do you think? The thing I love the most at Urban Outfitters is Read more


biker boots fashion mimi nizan

I’m a huge fan of heels. They make you feel lovely and sexy. But every now and ten I love to wear some biker boots. It’s just so damned comfortable to wear flat boots. And I love the rock-ish look as well. The thing is, I feel best when I’m dressed in a girly style. So, I find ways to combine the raw street style of the boots with some Read more

Negin Mirsalehi Illustration


So, my illustration of my beautiful friend Negin Mirsalehi is finally done. I was inspired by her great sense of style and gorgeous features. Lately I’ve been experimenting more with abstract Read more