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Just a little quote

Foto op 02-12-2012 om 15.07

Just a little quote by me, you know it really works ladies! If you want to know what make-up I used in this picture; I’m wearing lipstick and lip liner by Kinko (very affordable Italian make-up brand), blue eye shadow by Maybeline, cheap liquid eyeliner from the drugstore, Sephora mascara and YSL blush. Happy monday!

Photo diary – Fall recap

I just wanted to do a little recap about fall season. There was so much I wanted to share with you guys. So here’s a collection of photo’s of the last few months (mostly shot with my smart phone). Begin of October I went to Paris with my sister for 1 week. We spent some quality time with our dad and we went to the last day of fashion week Paris. Back in Amsterdam I celebrated my Read more

Photo diary: Park Plaza Vondelpark Amsterdam

Last week I was happy to get away for the weekend together with my boyfriend G. Actually it was more of a mini get-away in the city we live in; Amsterdam. We went to hotel Park Plaza Vondelpark to be exact. This designer hotel is located in Amsterdam-South. I was ready to do some serious relaxing! (Doesn’t happen that often). The staff is super friendly (we cracked some jokes with the chief, he was very sweet). The room we stayed in was cozy and well designed but I spend most of my time in the bathroom! I’ve always wanted Read more

Outfit repost – Embracing curves

As promised I’m reposting my outfits from my old blog (if you want to know what happened to the other blog read this post). I’m wearing a figure hugging maxi dress from the store Raak in Amsterdam. You know what, Read more

ShopVIP event + Fashion sisters

Yesterday my sister Alizia and I went to this really beautiful event from ShopVIP.com They had a show, a dance performance and a presentation at the Amstel Hotel in Amsterdam. We had a great time; they couldn’t have picked a more beautiful location. And the view from the terrace outside is crazy. For this occasion I was wearing a hot pink, A-shaped dress from Dutch Project catwalk finalist Shari Scholte, stockings from Falke and shoes from River Island. Read more