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Evening look: Peplum and metallic

IMG_2527 pink-collage


I was wearing this to a lifestyle event in Amsterdam the other day. A black peplum top with a V neck and metallic multicolor print, pale pink pants, purple velvet pumps with a metallic nose and a small gold clutch. I used to wear my hair in Read more

My outfit today: Gossip Girl

Ok guys, I have to run but I just wanted to post the outfit I’m wearing today and then tonight I’ll report about Esquire magazine’s ‘ Most Fashionable Footballer 2010 ‘ event (right away when I get back from that).  I feel girlie, flirty and maybe even a little bit cocky so I’m wearing a H & M top with Zebra print and a hair accessory from Claire’s. You know you love me! XOXO Mimi

Ok jongens ik moet rennen maar ik wou nog snel even mijn outfit posten die ik vandaag draag en vanavond als ik terug kom zal ik uitgebreid verslag doen over het door Esquire magazine georganiseerd ‘ Most Fashionable Footballer 2010 ‘. Ik voel me girlie, flirty & misschien zelfs een beetje yupperig dus ik draag een heerlijke H & M top met zebraprint en een haar accesoire van Claire’s. You now you love me! XOXO Mimi

London style!

I’m feeling like an Indie-rock girl today. Except for the fact that I cant sing the look fits me pretty good (If I must say so myself). I totally love this grungy kind of outfit – London style! The look: both oversized tank top and black jacket are from H & M, legging is from Wolford (customized by myself), sporty wedge heel from ASH, chubby bracelets from a boutique in Portugal and last but not least as finishing touch a necklace from the ‘Midinette’ collection by Laurene Pijulet (www.ditashowreel.com). I think these necklaces are just the sexiest things. This French young lady lives In London and creates fabulous jewelry next to short movies and music video’s. Her new collection is called ‘Bling Bling Chic’. Mark my words: a necklace from Laurene Pijulet is a must have!

Below: the new collection from Laurene Pijulet ‘Bling Bling Chic’